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Huia White Clover


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White Clover

(Trifolium Repens L)


            White Clover is a high quality, cool season, short-lived perennial legume that is well adapted to all areas of the Northeast and Eastern Canada.  Once established, It grows rapidly and spreads via above ground stems or stolens.  However, white clover has a shallow root system which makes it intolerant of droughty soils.  It grows best during cool, moist weather on well-drained, fertile soils with a pH between 6 and 7.  Because of its low growth habit, it is normally planted with a grass and used mainly for pasture.



Huia is a medium leafed, popular variety of white clover from New Zealand. White Clovers are great forage plants and help keep the soil healthy with loads of nitrogen production. They don't grow well in dry conditions, but if happy and healthy will reseed well.

Seeding Rate: Alone - 6 - 8 lbs. / acre

                        Mix- 1 - 4 lbs. / acre

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